Submission F.A.Q.

  • Can I contact an editorial assistant about my story through (this site, Twitter, Facebook,…etc)?

    Please don’t. It can’t end well. They can’t reverse a rejection (and the editors won’t either). On the other hand, we ban people for practically no reason. So play it safe and don’t contact them.

  • Why was my story rejected when some of your editorial assistants voted to accept it?

    We have a large number of submissions and your story is voted on by multiple readers who have different points to assign to a story. If a story doesn’t get a certain number of points from our readers, it is rejected.

  • There are typos in the comments I received on my rejection!

    It’s important to know that our editorial assistants are not themselves editors. Additionally, there is a large volume of submitted stories to go through and their time is limited. Please forgive the occasional typo.

  • It looks like your editorial assistants didn’t read to the end of my submission!

    Our editorial assistants are encouraged to stop reading a story as soon as they lose interest. This is due to the fact that we are an online magazine and compete with sites like YouTube for our readers’ eyeballs. If an editorial assistant, whose job it is to read stories, clicks away you can bet a reader will do so long before that. It is your job as a writer to craft a compelling enough opening that our EAs have no choice but to read on.

  • Your editorial assistants misread my story!

    Our editorial assistants are trained readers who often have writing backgrounds themselves. Additionally, they are familiar with our magazine and the types of stories we are looking for. If something doesn’t “click” for one of them, it’s likely our audience will have a similar experience. Still, due to the volume of stories, they are asked to read quickly. Please excuse us if we’ve missed some crucial part of your piece.