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    Melissa B.

    So! Have we delved into the city streets where magic addicts whither away and the police beat requires carrying a salt flare instead of stun gun?

    What do we think about our protagonist? Kate Prospero is a very different character than Officer Kara Gillian! Thoughts? Do we like one better than the other?

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    Loved it. Loved how magic is a blatant metaphor for drugs. I love how addiction is portrayed in an urban fantasy world. It’s a very creative, inspired idea, and I would definitely like to read the following two novels to see where Wells takes it. The world-building is flawless; I felt I knew Prospero’s world within the first 50 pages. The police procedural was very well-researched.

    Prospero is likeable. I didn’t read Blood of the Demon so I can’t compare the protags. I liked Morales and Volos, and Baba and LM. I hope they return, and some to become more of an integral part of the story.

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    Melissa Bleier


    I was really impressed with the world building as well! That is such a fine skill! And such a simple concept could have been taken down a really cheesy turn, loved the details.

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    I’m late to post. I picked up the wrong Jaye Wells novel, and I had to finish it before starting Dirty Magic. This first book is a great foundation. We have key players with room to evolve and strong world building, as others have mentioned. I’m not sure about Kate yet; she is a little too rigid at the moment, but I hope to see her develop more layers. I found the pacing a little slow, which isn’t a surprise when Wells is set up a world. I hope for more action as the series progresses.

    I plan on returning to Babylon to see what happens next.

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    Hi Karmon!
    Glad you could make it! 😀
    Which Wells did you pick up and was it any good?

    Be sure to come back and let us know what you thought of DM when you finish it up!

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