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Everyone knows about the troll under the bridge, everyone knows that the candy covered house hides a witch, and everyone knows that the bowers of the tallest trees have shadows that aren’t cast by leaves. But who peers under the trestle of the overpass? Who examines more closely the sugared temptations of the new pastry shop? Who peers at the roof lines, searching the facades for secrets?

We do.

Welcome to the Urban Fantasy Magazine Book Club, where we’ll wander together into the secret alleys of the city, find magic in the metro, and explore the underground world of the fairest folk who live in walkups and haunt seedy coffee shops and bars.

We’ll gather here each month and walk the city. I’ll be your guide, but we’ll explore together. 

A new author, a new book and a new adventure.  It’s easy; all you have to do is read.

Each month, I’ll introduce a new book for us to read, I will also keep a calendar up on the site with at least the next few books on deck.

We’ll have a Thursday night check-in post on our Facebook Page as well as a Weekly Newsletter to all members. We’ll be stopping at a specific chapter to discuss revelations, surprises, guess where the story is going and wonder where we’ve been. By stopping at a chapter each week, we’ll do our best to avoid spoilers and ruining the end of the book for our fellow readers. We’ll wrap up each month with a review and a final discussion for each book. This is a place for you to really dig in and hash out anything you want to talk about! 

As the months go by and as we grow as a Book Club, there will be surprises, author visits, contests, and more.

So grab your book and come on board; we’re going for a ride.


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