Welcome to the September 2015 Issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine

September is a time of change. For me, it means walking into a classroom full of new faces and remembering just how much a person can learn over the course of a year. For Urban Fantasy Magazine, it means only one more month before our first anniversary. We’ve come a long way since our inaugural issue, and it’s exciting to see where we’re headed.

Sometimes years of changes can pull a family apart; in Rati Mehrotra’s “The Singing Tree”, a father seeks a unique way to mend those bonds. There is no magic in this story that can re-create the past, but perhaps there is a way to make a new, brighter future.

Our solicited stories are back this month, with an original short story by New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Maberry. His characters have fought off zombies and evil masterminds across a whole series of novels. In “Ink”, his new character Monk Addison must search for the villain at great cost to himself. (Note: Our stories this month handle some heavy topics, including suicide, child abuse, and sexual assault.)

In the seventh installment of Steven Savile and Ryan Reid’s Dead Records, we find Marcus racing to save Aura from the overwhelming sadness in her songs, while saving himself from another, less kind-hearted, magical singer named Martine.

Finally, our reviewers this month take a look at All That Glows by Ryan Graudin and Red Hot Steele by Alex P. Berg. Both books feature characters working with a partner they don’t like at first, but must learn to tolerate if they want to survive.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine, and thanks for reading!

-Katrina S. Forest

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