Changes at UFM

This is one of those announcements I hoped as an editor I would never have to write.

Both myself and our slush editor Frances will be stepping down from our positions in December. This is not related to any creative differences; we have loved working together. Rather, our professional lives are simply not allowing us to give this magazine the time and attention it needs. This is not a decision either of us have made lightly. (For myself, as I have been largely funding the magazine, there are also financial reasons to consider.) UFM has been a huge part of both our lives and we sincerely hope to see it flourish. Many magazines do not complete their first year, and we have reached that milestone. We are proud and honored to have worked with so many amazing people along the way.

What does this mean for UFM subscribers?
The magazine will go on hiatus in January. These are two big gaps in our staff, and we will need time to find the right people to fill them. We will contact our annual subscribers over the next few weeks to discuss what this means for their subscriptions.

What does this mean for UFM authors?
We will continue taking submissions up until 11:59 EST November 1st. After that, we will be closed to submissions until at least January 2nd. (Again, when we re-open will largely depend on when/if we find the proper staff to take our places.) To help our staff move through the stories in the queue a bit quicker, we may have to send form rejections to some stories, though we will try to give personal feedback whenever possible. We completely respect any author’s decision to withdraw their story given this announcement.

What about the upcoming issues?
There will be a October issue, a November issue, and a December issue. That much is certain. The October issue is available for purchase now, and we think it is awesome. We hope you do, too.

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