Welcome to the August 2015 Issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine

The Magicians has been one of my favorite urban fantasy reads so far this year. So when Lev Grossman agreed to be our August interviewee, you could say I was pretty happy. I’m also discovering the joy of reading through the slush pile and discovering those short stories that make me go, “Seriously? No one snatched this up yet?”

In “Echoes”, our first story this month, a man has the ability to bottle emotions. His products can fetch a good price and might give his son a better life, but his latest might cost him more than he can pay.

Our second story, “A Thing in All My Things”, features a monster that we can all relate to — the kind that hides in shadows and feeds your fears that you’ll never amount to anything. It’s the kind of monster that writers fight off every day, even if (unlike our story’s protagonist), they don’t literally have it sitting in their coffee maker.

Our book reviewers dove into some action-packed urban fantasy this month with Loose Changeling by A.G. Stewart and City of Fae by Pippa DaCosta. And of course, we have the next section of our serialized story, Dead Records (part 6 of 9, for those keeping track at home). In the last section, Marcus discovered that his siren singer Aura takes on the emotions of whatever song she is singing. And now her blues songs are her biggest hits.

Here’s to an August filled with many uplifting emotions. Thanks for reading Urban Fantasy Magazine.

-Katrina S. Forest

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