Welcome to the June 2015 Issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine

We’re excited to have a new story by New York Times bestselling author Jane Lindskold. In “Button Witch”, a girl named Penn seeks a wish from a witch who’s inspired a lifelong hobby.

In the “The Duchess of Fitzrovia” by Anne E. Johnson, a mysterious woman with an otherwordly air takes up residence in a coffee shop, leaving the barista to decide whether to help her or turn her away.

Beth Nolan explores the history of witches throughout literature in our nonfiction article this month. And in “Dead Records: Part 4”, Marcus probably wishes he had someone who could change his life with a single spell. Trying to sell a siren as a popular singer is not getting any easier.

Our reviews this month feature two great YA novels: JACKABY by William Ritter and CARUS & MITCH by Tim Major.

Want to share your thoughts about this month’s stories? You can leave feedback on our website or on Facebook. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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