Announcement: Staff Changes and Submissions Reopening

At this time, we have read and responded to nearly all the submissions that were sent to us prior to May 4th. We have about a dozen submissions still under consideration, all of which have passed the initial slush pile and are awaiting review from either myself or our Slush Editor, Frances Silversmith.

We are open to regular submissions once again, with a slight tweak: To help avoid future backlogs, we ask that you wait ten days after receiving a rejection before sending in a new piece. We work hard to make sure every story gets personal feedback, and we appreciate when authors apply that feedback to their next work, rather than just sending us another story straight away. We want to thank everyone for their understanding.

During the break, we also had a major staff change: Jordan Ellinger has stepped down as Managing Editor. He will still be staying on the magazine as Technical Director, and I will be taking over his previous responsibilities of running the magazine. I’m looking forward to the work, and you might seem some changes in the magazine layout over the next few months. I’m hopeful they are all changes that will make the magazine even more awesome.

Thanks for reading!

-Katrina S. Forest

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