Welcome to the May 2015 Issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine

First up this month, we’ve got a brand new story from Beth Cato, author of THE CLOCKWORK DAGGER. In “Roots Shallow and Deep”, we travel to 1880, where a mysterious plague has struck the town of Hanford.

Whenever fantasy is introduced into the real world, you can either have characters who are well aware that it exists or characters who have never seen a spark of magic in their lives. Our second story this month, “The Profound Importance of Coasters” by Alena Sullivan, has one character of each type, and the interaction between them makes for an entertaining read right from the start.

Also up this month is part three of Dead Records by Steven Savile and Ryan Reid. Be sure to check out our March and April issues (available for free online) if you missed the first two installments.

Finally, check out our reviews of Scott Eder’s KNIGHT OF FLAME and E.K. Johnston’s PRAIRIE FIRE. Any appearance of a fiery theme to our selections this month is purely coincidental — unless fire happens to be your favorite elemental power, in which case, know that we picked those books just for you.

Please enjoy and as always, consider subscribing to help keep each issue awesome.

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