Knight of Flame by Scott Eder Reviewed by Kristin Luna

Knight of Flame by Scott Eder

Reviewed by Kristin Luna

E-book, ASIN: B00F7SXQ8I

Twilight Times Books, September 14, 2013 – 355 pages. Also available in paperback.

If Hollywood had asked comic book giant Mike Mignola to write an action movie in the 80’s, Knight of Flame would be that movie.

The Book

Develor Quinteele needs an anger management class. Or seven. But when you draw your power from fire, holding your temper isn’t exactly what you’re known for. Chill out? Impossible for Dev, or he would literally die. All the rage and fire keeps this Ron Perlman-esque man alive. The Knights Elementalis took him in centuries ago and helped him wield his power, but it soon becomes clear that Dev cannot control the fire within.

When a deadly force comes for Develor Quinteele and his cute-like-a-little-sister sidekick Wren at Club Mastodon in Tampa, Florida, Dev realizes that the Gray Lord, The Knights Elementalis’s greatest enemy, is at it again, and out to crush everything in his path.

Wren and Dev fatefully meet newspaper-reporter-with-a-gift Cassidy Sinclair, and the three travel to the Knights Elementalis headquarters, the Cradle, to get to the bottom of the Gray Lord’s reappearance before he destroys all of Tampa. Dev and his fellow knights play a pivotal role in keeping Gray Lord at bay, but at a high cost.

There are plenty of quirky characters to love in Knight of Flame, including rock bassist Magnus, the Knight of Earth, and the Knight of Air, Cyndralla, who can change into more than one form. Also, Cassidy Sinclair grows and develops in an unexpected way that’s sure to surprise. There are plenty of references for hard rock fans, and even some creepy crawly bugs for, you know, people who like bugs. Scott Eder sets himself up perfectly for the next book in the series, keeping the reader guessing what’s next for the Knights Elementalis.

The Author

Scott Eder chose Tampa for Knight of Flame for a reason: he knows it well. Scott lives on the west coast of Florida with his family, one of whom is an accomplished bowler. After twenty years of working in IT, Scott decided to follow his childhood dream of becoming an author. This is Scott’s first book. His short story, “The Last Dregs of Winter” appears in the anthology One Horn to Rule Them All edited by Lisa Mangum. Scott is currently working on a non-fiction book for competitive bowlers, and the second book in the Chronicles of the Knights Elementalis series titled Knight of Air.

The striking cover of Knight of Flame by Brad Fraunfelter won the gold in the AuthorsDB 2014 Cover contest.

The Rating

As with all art, there’s a large degree of subjectivity in determining if it’s “good,” or “not good.” The best I can do is give my thoughts and opinions, and rate this book on an arbitrary scale of the Die Hard movie franchise, the best being Die Hard: With a Vengeance (arguable, I know…) and the worst being Die Hard 2 (but I think we can all agree on that). I give Knight of Flame a commendable Live Free or Die Hard. Just like Live Free or Die Hard, Knight of Flame has all the classic action-isms: certifiable badass main character, plenty of action and explosions, great humorous moments, and a modern, American feel. I think you could catch John McClane reading Knights of Flame on a beach in Florida somewhere. Because I don’t know anything more American than John McClane and crazy things happening in Florida.

Interesting fact: Develor Quinteele is the sixth knight of flame, and Lancelot was one of his predecessors.

Interesting quote: “Being naked wasn’t a problem. Being on fire wasn’t a problem. However, being naked and on fire and running from a giant monster in front of a crowd of people wasn’t his idea of a good night.”

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