Welcome to the February 2015 issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine

Welcome to another issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine.

We’ve got more amazing fiction for you this month. We decided to lighten things up a little with a humorous piece from Laura Resnick, author of the Esther Diamond series. Having indulged our lighter sides, we immediately descended back into dark fantasy with a contribution from debut writer J. J. Roth called “So Suffer the Heartbroken Wingless” about a journey into fairyland gone wrong.

Quite a number of you have joined our Book Club, and we’ve created a place for you to discuss the books that you’ve been reading in our forums. Feel free to drop by, say “Hi”, and check it out! Melissa Bleier, our Book Club manager, will be there to welcome you, and we hope to have some appearances from the authors of our highlighted books as well.

This month has seen quite a few staffing changes at UFM. Emily C. Skaftun has left the magazine to focus on her writing career, and so we’ve asked Tinatsu Wallace to step into her shoes. Tinatsu has been reading for us since our launch and has picked great stories out of the slush, so we’re excited to have her aboard.

Finally, we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring you fantastic work from some of the best writers out there. If you’ve been waiting to see if this is the kind of magazine to which you’d like to subscribe, hopefully we’ve earned your trust. If you are reading this on the web, please consider hitting the subscribe button on the menu bar above this post. A yearly subscription is available for as little as $2.10 a month, and every cent of what we make goes back into buying great stories and developing this website into a community that fans of Urban Fantasy might want to call home.

We are taking suggestions for authors that you’d like to read and for any features you’d like to see in the magazine. If you have an idea you’d like us to consider, please contact us through the link on our website.

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