Welcome to the January 2015 issue

Happy New Year from Urban Fantasy Magazine.

Can anyone believe it’s 2015? I know I can’t. I was just a wee thing in 1989, when Back to the Future Part II came out, but the franchise quickly became central to my worldview. No one has ever driven up to my house in a time-traveling DeLorean, but look! We made it to the future!

This issue of UFM doesn’t have hoverboards or flying cars. Around here, we’re more into giant killer clams and psychic snails. We’ve got fiction featuring both of these: a Sarah Beauhall tale from John A. Pitts (if you like this, check out the novels from Tor!), and an emotional gem of a story from Writers of the Future winner Shannon Peavey. We’ve also got reviews of Burn for Me and The Winter Long, and a very interesting take nonfiction take on werewolves. We’ll be bringing you more in this series; look for an exlporation of fairies in next month’s issue.

In Back to the Future II, a Pepsi cost $50 and holographic Jaws 17 still looked fake, but one thing they didn’t predict was the kind of endeavor we’re currently engaged in together: the people of that 2015 read paper newspapers and sent each other faxes. Despite my lack of a flying car, I think we’re better off.

Welcome to this edition of the purely digital, entirely futuristic Urban Fantasy Magazine. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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