January UFM Book Club-Mark of the Demon

Hello all!

The first Sunday of the new year is almost over, and it is time for us to check in with our book!

I know that we had a slow start, but I hope that everyone has had a chance to pick up Mark of the Demon!

I thought that I would open up our chats with a discussion about place. A great number of my friends are in New Orleans these past two weeks. Some for a wedding, some for a birthday party. We were talking about stories set in the heart of Voodoo country, New Orleans.

I think that Louisiana has such a wealth of dark corners, deep mysteries, secrets that no one knows, that it almost automatically makes for a great setting. My friend thought that New Orleans as a place has been over used.

While Mark of the Demon takes place in Beauluc, Louisiana and not New Orleans, I wondered if you readers had the same reaction to it? Are we tired of seeing stories set in the swamp lands of the Deep South or are we still intrigued- are the twisted, narrow streets of Louisiana, the swamps, the alligators, the voodoo curses, and the demon summoners enough to hold our interest?

While Mark of the Demon has a certain “could be anywhere” sort of storyline, I thought that it was very interesting that Diana Rowland chose to place her story there. And then to not set it in New Orleans was also an interesting choice.

What do you all think?

We can also open up to any other discussion about the story! Let’s start talking about it! What are your thoughts on the Symbol Man?
Let’s try to catch up with each other here on the main page for Urban Fantasy Magazine. Come talk books with me!



A reminder! Next month, we will dive into Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells!

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