Hello fellow Urban Explorers! Grab your books!

Welcome to Urban Fantasy Magazine’s brand new book club!

We’ll officially be up and running in December! Welcome aboard!
Our first book is Mark of The Demon by Diana Rowland. I think that you’ll like it.

Newly minted Violent Crimes and Homicide detective Kara Gillian has more on her plate than every day bad guys; the Symbol Man might have returned to Beauluc, Louisianna. As if that wasn’t trouble enough, Kara has just summoned a Demon she has no idea how to handle.


Did I not mention that?

Kara has one heck of a family trait, she’s a Demon Summoner. I’m sure things are about to get very interesting.
Pick up the book and dive on in, it is a great read for these cooling nights. I’m pretty sure it will keep you warm.
If you have any questions about how things work, who I am, who we are, feel free to chime in. For right now, the best way for us to start communicating is through our FaceBook page (Urban Fantasy Book Club!) though we can also leave comments on the Urban Fantasy Magazine Blog. We’ll learn together what works best. I’ll send out a full introduction to Mark of The Demon the first week of December, close to the release of Urban Fantasy Magazine and we’ll check back in at the end of Chapter 7 around the 7th of December.

By the way. As we move along, I’ll have a schedule available so you can see which book is scheduled for which month!

See you soon!



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