Non Fiction: What is Urban Fantasy?

Watch this space for upcoming articles. In the meantime, here are a few thoughts on the meaning of this nebulous sub-genre from our editors.

First of all, we at Urban Fantasy Magazine don’t believe that UF stories need to be in an “urban” setting, per se. We welcome rural fantasy, and especially stories set in unusual and under-represented locations—as long as they are here on Earth. This Earth. Stories can be set in any historical time period except medieval Europe. Let’s just leave that one for high fantasy, shall we?

All stories must contain a fantastical element. Magic, mysticism, paranormal creatures, monsters, ghosts, time travel . . . and so on and so on. For us, the key here is that the speculative elements have their roots in something non-rational, non-science. If the characters are turned invisible by some kind of device, we’d consider that a science fiction story. If they’re invisible because of a witch’s curse or something, that’ll fit right in here.

We hope you’re looking forward to some reality-bending fiction and non-fiction alike; we sure are!

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